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Stylish HIMACS Acrylic Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Stylish high-max kitchen in the popular Japanese drama “Grand Maison Tokyo”

The drama "Grand Maison Tokyo", which was popularly broadcast on the TBS channel in Japan.

Because it is a cooking-themed drama, an open kitchen design is required therefore the company that was in charge of designing the drama set did not want the ordinary stainless steel material. They stumbled upon HIMACS Acrylic Solid Surface concrete series and was intrigued by the material's adaptable features such as seamless joints, different finishing and the forgiving nature of the material.

The design team was very pleased with the outcome and how they are able to create a luxurious atmosphere of the open kitchen in the drama.

Loving the concrete accents? Find out more today how you can achieve this look with minimal maintenance!

HIMACS is a solution that offers hygienic, durable and easy maintenance. It eliminates 99% of bacteria growth which is crucial in spaces that demands high level of hygiene. Over the last 25 years, Luxx Newhouse Group has completed projects from every level and scale with absolute commitment to our customers requirements and experience. View Full Collection here >>

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