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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Building Materials and technology have always been an incomprehensible combination until recently. Today building materials and interior finishes comes with a wide range of selection equipped with unique technology that will provide more value to our designer, architects and homeowners. Luxx Newhouse have always been committed to bringing in such materials that will add value to our customers beyond the aesthetics.

Therefore, products that are brought in from around the world such as LX Hausys HIMACS Acrylic Solid Surface from Korea, GANI Marble Tiles from China, DiDio Italian Engineering Marble from, well, Italy and Cosentino products from Spain are materials that are in line with the company's long term goal to not only provide an end to end solution for all our customers with our own fast turnaround time and internal expertise, but also provide a comprehensive product portfolio that is high quality and beautiful. Sharing our years of expertise, industry best practises across Asia and also technical knowledge to all our customers is one of our success factors for our customers.

HIMACS Acrylic Solid Surface provides endless possibilities to every designer imagination for hard surfaces. The material have been pushed to it's limits in the hands of Luxx Newhouse's R&D Centre, creating the most delicate, functional and beautiful designs. One of our latest accomplishment is this custom HIMACS Lighting designed by Jimmy Tong. This therapeutic design creates a nice ambient glow to the house and design element - creating a more exciting centrepiece at home.

GANI Marble Tiles have also recently launched their latest products of infinite continuous veins with 0,5mm joint paving technology. To date, they are the only manufacturer that is able to provide ceramic marble tiles with such characteristics. In addition to that, certain range also comes with anti-slip and reduced formaldehyde application providing a much safer alternative to your home.

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab is a large format sintered stone made in Italy. The material is suitable for floor, wall, kitchen countertop and more! With it's non-porous surface, DiDio Italian Slabs is resistant to water, stains and bacteria accumulation. DiDio Italian Slabs comes with coveted marble features such as continuous veins and book match effect.

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