DiDio Italian Engineering Slab

A summary of all the large format slabs that we have! Contact us for more info.

DiDio Slab Continuous Vein

Imagine the possibilities with large format marble slabs that comes in continuous veins and more!

See the actual product yourself!

Discover different application of our materials and view our full range product displayed in our museum today!

GANI Marble Tiles Standard Products

Discover GANI Marble Tiles Large range of standard products and sizes here.

GANI 0.5 MM Joint Paving

The science behind the technology. 

Contact us for more info!

GANI Marble 2020 New Products

The science behind the technology. 

Contact us for more info!

HI-MACS® 2020 General Brochure

Find different application, colour ranges and project reference from around the world in here!

HI-MACS® Specification Sheet

HI-MACS® are tested based on international standards.

HI-MACS Exteria®

Building Exterior will never be the same again.

Low maintenance and curved walls.

HI-MACS® Kitchen & Bathroom

Get your bathroom & kitchen inspiration here with LG HI-MACS international project reference.

Welcome to Luxx Newhouse Resource

All the references, videos and documents available here.

Can't find what you need? Contact us for more info here.



An exquisite and sophisticated quartz to give elegance and warmth to your home.


The only stone in the world with this vein.

ICE of Genesis by Arik Levy is truly one of a kind.

COMPAC Quartz Technical Sheet

COMPAC Quartz materials are tested based on international standard.

COMPAC General Catalogue

Discover full range here.


Video Resources

Watch different application, project references and more here.


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