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Showroom hours

Opening hours 

Monday - Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

For weekend visits, please contact us to make an appointment. Contact us here.

What kind of services does Luxx Newhouse provide?

Our company has local factories each country (Singapore, Malaysia and China) therefore we provide end to end services for our customers. We take care of the supply of materials, fabrication of the materials and installation as well.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do, we have a research and development centre in Singapore where we create project prototypes and award winning design installation in the our own museum. 

Here you can find full displays for our products material for a better understanding of the material, textures, colour including the application and capabilities of each product.

Please contact us to make an appointment at us at +65 8298 3660. We will assign a sales person to bring you on a showroom tour! 

LX Hausys HIMACS Acrylic Solid Surface FAQ

What is LX Hausys HIMACS Arcylic Solid Surface?​

HIMACS is an outstanding solid surface material. A delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non-porous, thermoformable and visually seamless surface.​ The material meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects: material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene.


What makes LX Hausys HIMACS Arcylic Solid Surface the best solid surface for countertops?


There are many reasons why LX Hausys HIMACS is preferred but the following is a list of general benefits opting for solid surface.


  • Seamless perfection - meaning visually zero joint lines 

  • 100% food safe 

  • Non-porous therefore 99% bacteria free and stain resistant

  • A large variety of colour spectrum 

  • Three dimensional design 

  • Stain and chemical resistant

  • Certified locally and internationally a Green Product 

  • Fire resistant 

  • CNC Cutting - making the most intricate designs possible 

What is the warranty period for LX Hausys HIMACS?

We have a 10 year limited warranty for this product. Please contact us for more info.

Is the material non porous?

Yes, apart from being non porous it is also stain resistant,antibacterial meaning it is safe for direct food contact and chemical resistant. 


What is COMPAC Technological Quartz?

Technological Quartz is a product of exceptional resistance and stunning beauty. With the appearance and feel of natural quartz but with a better performance thanks to its high resistance. And it comes in an extensive range of colors, designs, sizes, thicknesses and ornamentation. COMPAC Quartz counter tops, kitchen worktops, floors and walls are preferred in areas where there is intensive use.

Luxx Newhouse is a proud the exclusive distributor of COMPAC Engineered Quartz in Singapore and Malaysia. 

What is the percentage of quartz content in COMPAC Quartz range? 

COMPAC Engineered Quartz is made out of 95% - 98% natural quartz combined with resin that comes in an array of colours, looks and textures. Each unique vein look is optimized to create the best outcome for our customers.

What is the benefits of COMPAC Quartz? 

  • High High content of quartz (95% - 98%)

  • Resistant to scratch and abrasion

  • Impact resistant

  • Fire and heat resistant – tested to be the highest heat resistant engineered quartz in the market

  • 100% non-porous – making it bacteria resistant hence safe for direct contact with food

  • Chemical resistant

  • Zero water absorption

  • Best of all, it is also a certified green product

  • Durable and close to zero maintenance

Is COMPAC Quartz non porous? 

Yes, apart from being non porous it is also deep abrasion resistant, stain resistant,antibacterial meaning it is safe for direct food contact and chemical resistant.

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab FAQ

What is DiDio Italian Engineering Slabs?

DiDio is a large format slab that is made out of the purest porcelain ingredients. It comes in large sizes and minimal thickness making it the perfect material for all surfaces and applications. 

With DiDio you will have a free rein to your creativity from your house feature wall to skyscrapers and right down to your dining table. 

What is the material size?

Largest we have is 3000 mm x 1500 mm x 6 mm. And yes different sizes are available, please contact us for more info. 

Is it possible to use this material as a furniture cladding? 

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab is a new covering concept for a modern day projects, with the potential to be applied on all surfaces be it wall, floor, furniture, bathroom and even boat interiors. It is a large format ceramic slab made in Italy, measuring up to 3200 x 1600 x 6 mm expressing all the best potential of ceramics in a product integrated unrivalled performance and appearance.

What are the standard ranges? 

The slab looks and texture is modeled after natural stones that includes marble, onyx, stone, wood, metal and concrete slabs in the world to curate the most optimal natural looking variation collection.

Can this be used as a wall cladding? 

The material only weighs a sheer 70 kg making it suitable for external and internal wall cladding. A ventilated facade is one of the options for wall-covering and insulation system capable of attending to construction, hygrometric, static, safety and aesthetic aspects of a building. It consists of an outer cladding, an air space several centimeters deep, a sub-structure made of aluminum anchored to the building and an insulating layer secured to the outer wall of the building. The main functions of the outer cladding are aesthetic and protective.​

What other areas can I use this material for?

DiDio has many applications - some of the main ones are for Bathroom, Kitchen countertop, wall, floor, boat interiors, indoor and outdoor furnitures, hospital and wellness centre.

Is DiDio non-porous?

Yes, apart from being non porous it is also deep abrasion resistant, stain resistant,antibacterial meaning it is safe for direct food contact and chemical resistant.

GANI Marble Tiles FAQ

How many standard products does GANI have?

GANI, being known as the the creator of Marble Tiles is made out of high performances of porcelain ingredients. GANI comes in 62 types of marble tiles with 115 regular items, including 9 color series with Big Slabs and Feature Wall items.

What makes GANI Marble tiles different?

GANI Marble Tiles is made with social, environmental conscience in mind, breaking away from the conventional tile manufacturing ways - it's single purpose is to reproduce marble tile look with the highest quality, capturing marble natural effects for all applications.


GANI's scored above average for flatness, low water absorption, breaking strength, anti-slip, hardness, and water resistance; stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance. These are all tested according to the International industry standards. 

Is GANI Marble Tile a certified green product? 

Yes, GANI Marble Tiles is certified in the 'leader' category under Singapore Green Building Council standards. This puts GANI products in line with Singapore's brand as the greenest city in Asia. 

*As each of our products are different, our sales terms & conditions also varies, please contact us for more info.

Home & Living purchases only


Should you wish to alter or cancel your order, please inform us within 24 hours of placing it on a business day. In such cases, you will be refunded without any additional charges, excluding customised or clearance items.

Please be aware that if you decide to cancel and then place a new order, a revised delivery lead time will be provided at the time of the new purchase.

Refunds for cancellations will be processed within 14-21 business days and will be returned to the original mode of payment.


A restocking fee of 20% of the price sold per line item (after discounts, if any) will be applied to any cancellations to cover logistics and handling.


If you cancel an item(s) in your order that had a discount voucher/coupon applied, you will only be refunded the final paid price after the applied discount. This amount will be apportioned among the items in your order according to their respective value.

Upon cancellation, the absolute value of the discount voucher initially applied will not be redistributed to the remaining item(s) in the revised order. However, the remaining item(s) will still benefit from the discount value that was initially apportioned per line item before the cancellation.

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