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SIDFest 2021 | KOD x Luxx Newhouse

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


Keat Ong Design for Luxx Newhouse Group "Just A Bite" A year later, we reflect on how much the pandemic have taken and given to our personal lives. The initial gripping fear for an industry collapsing is replaced by a revelation clearer than ever today that together, we stand stronger. This exhibit by Luxx Newhouse co-created with Keat Ong Designs is inspired by the optimism and stability that numbers can provide in fragile times. The rocklike shapes constitutes divinity and assurance during the pandemic coupled by different shapes that represents different functions of our industry. These representative functions are in one space to express that at the end of the day we are complementary to one another under one industry. In line with this year’s #SIDfest theme “Optimism” represents a time where we should feel the most isolated, we found ourselves collaborating with an array of industry partners, inspired by new ideas perspective and working on innovative ideas that have been swept aside before the pandemic forced us to slow down. The pandemic has effectively taken “Just A Bite” from our daily lives but left us as an industry more whole than ever. About the material

The material used for this exhibit is part of Luxx Newhouse in-house brand - DiDio Italian Engineering Slab which are all man made, inspired by natural material like stone, iron, granite, and marble. These also represents Luxx Newhouse taking a position in the market to only embrace eco-friendly and sustainable products that can benefit our multitude of customers and at the end of the day, the consumers using and living with these materials. With the government’s initiative to gear the country towards green living, we are able to combine technology, nature’s inspiration and design to produce a material that’s so similar to mother nature yet leaves the least carbon footprint behind.

Model 1 | Pietre Black

Model 2 | Crystal Dark

Model 3 | White Calacatta

Model 4 | Onyx Giada

Model 5 | Black Marquina

Model 6 | Corten Steel

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