Porcelain Kitchen Countertops? | All you need to know.

Always wanted a kitchen countertop with that marble look? Or maybe even dare to consider wood countertops without the nagging maintenance or constant reminder to be gentle with it? Well look no further...here's how porcelain kitchen tops/vanities/wall or even flooring (yes!) can put you to ease.

Before you make a choice, here's what you should know about porcelain kitchen

1. Water resistant

Water can be a friend or a foe, for your kitchen materials - it's a definite foe. If you notice the door to your dishwasher isn’t closing right these days, or parts of your counters are suddenly uneven with cabinets, these can all be signs of water damage. If it's a new kitchen, don't you think prevention is better than cure?

Why is DiDio material water resistant? The number one factor is because it is non-porous. Which means there's no tiny little pores to hold water in throughout the material that is insidious to your pocket and your kitchen in the long run.

An average limestone water absorption rate can go up to 26% (of course this is dependent on a plethora of factors) versus #didiocountertop material's water absorption is less than 0.5 percent. All these are by international ASTM C373 material test standards.

Spilled some wine? It's okay, hang out for a little while before cleaning it up.

2. Stain Resistant

Speaking of wine and water, #porcelainkitchencountertop is also stain resistant. This is also largely because of point number 1, the non-porous factor. Why is this beneficial? Kitchen countertops are exposed to many elements - especially in Asia where turmeric, chili powder, curry ( the best ), beetroot salads etc are very much in our daily life and kitchen. Therefore, there's is no need for countertop sealants or maintenance over the years. This is basically a low maintenance material where you only need to use gentle chemicals to clean!

3. Environmentally Friendly

It is no contest that porcelain is an environmentally friendly option compared to the carving out mountains. Less fine pollution in the air, more mountains, less possibility or people accidentally losing their fingers (reference from this video) and still get an absolutely gorgeous kitchen? Yes! #DiDioMaterials are manufactured in controlled environment in a fully automated factory in Italy. It is good to note that when you are ready to get rid of your porcelain countertops, you can recycle them.