Public Lecture on Active Technology & Launch of DiDio Engineering Slab

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

DiDio Product Launch @ 25th October 2018

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab

Figure 1 : From the left : Nihttp://www.luxxnewhouse.cocholas Marrow Smith, Professor Claudia Bianchi, Angelo Gobbi, Keat Ong, Seah Chee Huang, Jimmy Tong, Valentino Capucci

From the left : Nicholas Marrow Smith, Professor Claudia Bianchi, Angelo Gobbi, Keat Ong, Seah Chee Huang, Jimmy Tong, Valentino Capucci.

Luxx Newhouse Group is making another big splash in the building materials industry with the launch of, DiDio Italian Engineering Slab coupled with a Public Launch of ACTIVE Clean Air & Anti-Bacterial Slabs. Mr Seah Chee Huang, Director of DP Architects and the lead architects for the Singapore Sports Hub project, a large-scale integrated sports, recreation and lifestyle development, graced the event as a guest of honor.

The launch was to highlight not only the beauty of these large format slabs but also to focus on this new and exciting technology called ACTIVE Clean Air & Anti-Bacterial Slab. This patented technology, ACTIVE 2.0 is the use of titanium dioxide doped with silver to purify pollutants in the air such as nitrogen dioxide (NOx) and Sulphur dioxide (SOV) which are present indoors via a photocatalytic process, transforming the pollutants into salts, harmless to the human body. It is a creative use of technology to address the growing environmental problem worldwide without compromising the beauty of the product.

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab is a new covering concept for a modern day projects, with the potential to be applied on all surfaces be it wall, floor, furniture, bathroom and even boat interiors.

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab

Figure 2 : From the left: Seah Chee Huang, Valentino Capucci, Jimmy Tong, Professor Claudia Bianchi, Ong Tze Boon

DiDio Italian Engineering Slab

Colour : Blue De Savoie


It is a technical ceramic made in Italy, measuring up to 3200 x 1600 x 6 mm expressing all the potential of porcelain in a product of unrivalled performance and appearance.

This is because slabs are modeled after the most beautiful marble, onyx, stone, wood, metal and concrete slabs in the world to curate the most perfect variation for the collection. These surfaces are textured to model their respective look ranging from marble to stone inspired look and feel.

Durability with aesthetics that is equivalent if not more pleasing than t