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Elegance and balanced 

Nero Marquina Marble originated from Markina Mountain in the basque region of northern Spain. The Basque Mountains (Montes Vascos), located in the northern Iberian Peninsula and the eastern Pyrenees, is geologically considered as the“ Basque Threshold” orogenic belt. Nero Marquina whose elegant and exquisite white clouds texture integrated with mountains covered by dark forest,presented a black-and-white perception, created an aesthetic effect that enshrines the unity of man and universe, and delivered unparalleled imagination and creativity. For this reason it was considered as a high-quality black marble and favored by global designers. Because of the marbles ‘elegance and esthetics, the world Design Pritzker winner Mr. Frank Gehry use it to design “Marques De Riscal” and Mr. Santiago Calatrava did the same for his Ysios Winery in Basque Mountains.


Nero Marquina

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