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Why COMPAC Engineered Quartz?

Always innovating with the infinite believe in delivering high quality surfaces for every individual.

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Elegant and refined viens inspired by the best of nature.

Unique Collection™. The designs from the Spanish multinational have been released under the ‘Sign of Perfection’ banner, inspired by the technical and aesthetic properties of natural stone. The classics - Unique Calacatta™, Unique Venatino™, Unique Marquina™, Unique Arabescato™ and Unique Argento™ have become the brand’s standard-bearer in the US.

A vein like you have never seen before.The result of the huge challenge of creating a material that has depth but is also flat and resistant. Imitating the feeling of walking on ice, exquisitely balanced between fragility and stability.

The perfect alternative to natural stone

COMPAC Quartz is made up of up to 95% natural quartz and 5% of resin polymer and other pigments.

Engineered Stone - What does this mean? 1) Impact Resistant 2) Non-porous surface 3) Low to zero maintenance 4) Water and stain resistance 5) Control over tonality, quality and design 6) Antibacterial countertops The material will still keep it's natural stone elegant aesthetic but with superior technical performance. Did you also know that COMPAC Quartz is also homogeneous just like natural stone?

Support Sustainability

Among everything else, COMPAC Quartz is leading a reforesting programme in collaboration with NGOs

In 2003 the company started to plant trees in the plots where the facilities are located, specifically, in an area of ​​54 hectares. The aim is to offset the CO2emissions generated during the shipping of the products, as well as the emissions produced by the supply of raw materials. In 2012 COMPAC continued with the reforestation project, planting up to 30,000 native pine trees in the aforementioned plots.


New solutions to make COMPAC Quartz a sustainable solution.

In design and architecture is one of today’s sweeping trends. Companies and professionals are ever more aware of the need to adhere to sustainable production processes. And now more than ever, clients and designers demand environmentally-friendly solutions.

Creation of bioresins as a binding agent for quartz panels. Compac’s R&D&i team worked on the design of a plant-based resin for its Unique Collection™ to avoid using oil-based products such as acrylics.

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