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Inspired by Nature | Ecologically produced

COMPAC Quartz from Spain

A collection that is inspired by the properties of a natural stone that have inspired many over the years. 


COMPAC Quartz 40 year history with creating innovative products that is combination of function, technical superiority and decorative surfaces. For forty years, COMPAC's determination to reach impossible heights when it comes to surfaces have managed to not only transform the materials we work with but also the lives of the people that interact with them.

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The Vision

ICE OF GENESIS is the result of the huge challenge of creating a material that has depth but is also flat and resistant. Imitating the feeling of walking on ice, exquisitely balanced between fragility and stability.

“It is a mixture of different elements: nature, emotions, social codes and science. It’s this merger where we look for connection.”

Read more about the man behind this vision.

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Sign of


Unique Calacatta

The beauty of the purest white contrasts with dark sinuous veins, giving rise to an elegance and luminosity like never before.

Unique Marquina

From the darkness of rock come the sinuous white sparkling streaks, giving this material an exclusive and refined appearance, full of strength and authenticity.


Unique Argento

Grey inspired by the appeal of the weather-worn rock, by dry tree bark, by the ashes from which life is reborn. The essence of the natural elevated to the maximum in elegance, in a sober silver tone, dense and contained, with a subtle vein that brings timid flashes of light.

Unique Venatino

The perfect balance between wildness and elegance, control and energy. The softness of the whites and the subtlety of the greys, throughout the veining, give each piece an insuperable exclusivity and simplicity.


The perfect Glacé finish, exclusively by COMPAC. 

A finish that defines colour, depth and definition of the veins but with a smooth, soft touch.

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CSR & Architecture

Actual footage of 30,000 autochthonous trees in Portugal, which surpasses its goal by over a third of the initial objective.

Location | Abrantes factory, in Portugal

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A homogeneous slab with all the technical superiority you will need be it your kitchen countertop or wall cladding.

Latest promotion

A homogeneous slab with all the technical superiority you will need be it your kitchen countertop or wall cladding.

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