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Palladio Interiors X Luxx Newhouse Group win Gold at RIX 2018 for design installation Trencadí

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

LG Hausys Hi-Macs® Solid Surface x Luxx Newhouse

Trencadís is an interactive installation at RIX 2018 (Reka Interiors Exhibition) that blends architecture, interior and fashion within a 4.8 sqm space.

It takes the form of a wearable piece set against a scenic background. It was intricately assembled from over 1,500 pieces of HI-MACS acrylic solid surface in 12 different colours, by the leading surfaces company, LG Hausys. The solid pieces are a combination of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that are most often used for interior surfaces such as table and countertops.

Visitors to Trencadís are encouraged to experience this material in a different way by climbing up the dress to wear it. The dress's draping effect is achieved through a method inspired by world-renowned Spanish designer and architect Antonio Gaudi. His fluid and ornamental approach involved craft techniques which were important to him along with the mosaic technique trencadís; a Catalan term meaning chopped tile shards and broken chinaware cemented together.

Gaudi’s unique constructional language largely influenced the artistic personality of this piece along with its curved surfaces. Although mosaic is centuries old, our application of it for a fashion piece symbolises the innovative potential of household materials, presenting a hard material as seemingly soft, fusing boundaries between interior and fashion.

Dress the body, Dress the home by Palladio Interiors

RIX Design Installation Award x Luxx Newhouse Group Solid Surface


Photographers: Lee Wai Seng & Bryan Ho

Palladio Interiors Design Team:

Lead designers: Dion Vercoe (Director), Atefeh Arab (Interior Designer)

Designer team: Candy Chay (Director), Nicole Lee (Interior Designer), Florence Lee (Interior Designer), Terissa Teh (Branding Manager)

About Palladio Interiors Sdn Bhd

"Evoking new possibilities in every space" Palladio Interiors was born in 1991 and is an award-winning, interior design consultancy with visionary designers at the heart of it. We transform spaces with a holistic approach through over sixty years of pooled interior architecture experience. As a team of twenty based in Kuala Lumpur, we understand the different ways in which we engage with spaces, by immersing ourselves in different cultures. Our projects span residential, commercial, retail and leisure. A relentless pursuit to find practical solutions, enables us to design from the inside out, seeking styles that resonate by creating tomorrow, today

Luxx Newhouse was first established in 1994 with over 20 years of specialist experience, We are now Asia’s premier provider of countertops, kitchen worktops and vanity tops. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence and operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Beijing.

Our regional footprint allows us to share industry knowledge, technical capabilities, and design expertise between offices. With this constant exchange of ideas, we always strive to offer services of the highest international standards.

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