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GANI Marble Tiles 2020 New Collection

Exclusively distributed by Luxx Newhouse Singapore


GANI Marble Tiles in 2020 have been launched, with a total of 8 products, including 5 indoor products and 3 outdoor products.

Continuous Marble Veins

The strong demand for continuous veins these past two years have lead to the invention of - naturally - continuous veins slabs which is perfected when coupled by the first goal in years back where GANI Marble Tiles achieved 0.5mm joint paving. A paving method so refined that from afar the marble tiles will look like a whole piece of marble block.

The second goal was to create a design that is infinitely connected. No matter how large the floor or wall area is the veins should connect in a horizontal or vertical direction. In GANI Marble Tiles 2020 Collection, selected colours such as "Four Seasons, Copper Dune and Grey Ivory" are the three new products (900x1800mm) that can achieve this new feature.

Continuous Veins by GANI Marble Tiles Video

GANI Marble Research & Development Centre

Luxx Newhouse Singapore is the exclusive distributor for GANI Marble Tiles in Singapore.

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