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DiDio Large Format Slabs & Anti - Bacterial Marble Slab

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Things you need to know

Size : Up to 3200 x 1650

Finishing: Polished, Silky, Natural and Anti-Bacterial

Origin: Italy

Large format slab enhanced combined with photocatalytic Process It's about combining sunlight and titanium dioxide. Efficiency of Today, even LED lights combined with titanium dioxide and metals (silver) creates this reaction!

Breaking Down Bacteria This results in anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, almost zero maintenance and anti-odor properties.

Large format slabs in Singapore Marble, Onyx, Iron, Stone Range

One slab size up to = 3200 MM x 1600 MM. Less joint lines, less maintenance and MORE BENEFITS. With over 100 variations inspired by natural stones, there is something for everyone.  Yes, technology combined with building materials can go a long way!

More reasons to use DiDio Italian Engineering Slab

Most of DiDio's Marble & Onyx Series comes with the perfect book-match.

It's not a complete without continuous veins & variation in any Marble Collection.

So ALL of our marble range comes with this effect.

Each series is textured according to the natural stone texture so similar that it's hard to tell them apart from actual natural stones!

Want to see job references? Contact us for a PDF version sent directly into your inbox. 

From actual application of DiDio Slabs on the floor, wall, kitchen countertop and even furniture! 

More details;

Facebook page: luxxnewhousegroup

Office Locations: Singapore | Malaysia | Hong Kong | China

Dealers & Displays Contact us to find out who are our dealers & showroom displays are located in each country!

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