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Luxx Newhouse Design Centre - A Place to Innovate

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

LG HI-MACS Solid Surface

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s Sungei Kadut Furniture Hub, the Luxx Newhouse Design Centre showcases our solid surface capabilities and the technical operations behind our business. Our Design Centre houses products for both residential and commercial spaces, made exclusively with solid surface materials.

The Luxx Newhouse Design Centre is also a gateway for promoting innovation and excellence in furniture design, both locally and internationally. Hosting many industry events, it has become a space for creative minds – developers, architects, interior designers, and home owners – to collaborate and create together.

LG HI-MACS Solid Surface

The Laboratory

We have always believed that solid surface materials are the stuff of dreams: flexible, seamless, non-porous and strong. We want you to believe it too. Luxx Newhouse has thus acquired the latest technologies that, together with our team of experts, allow solid surface materials to be fashioned into various forms.

Go behind the scenes and take a tour of our technical operations. Discover how we transform sheets of solid surface materials into various products. Embrace the endless possibilities.

Schedule an appointment now with us at to view our museum.

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