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Claros Grey (light) is a kind of beautiful light grey Turkish marble with lighter veins.

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Pietra Grey.jpg

Pietra Grey

The contemporary look of this marble quarried from the borders of Iran

Amani Grey is a kind of light grey marble from Veneto, Italy.

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gani marble tiles amani grey.jpg

Nero Marquina Marble originated from Markina Mountain in the basque region of northern Spain.


About the company

GANI as the world leading innovator of marble tiles is the alternative to marble even for the most luxurious commercial space, hospitality sector and residential homes.


Since GANI's first generation of  marble tiles in 2009 GANI is now known as a national high-tech enterprise, a national green factory, and a clean production enterprise in Guangdong province.

GANI's sales network covers over 72 countries including Italy, France, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, Thailand, UAE and more serving for the clients like Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotel  in Dubai and many more.

From the founder 

Natural Marble beautiful because they are God's creation. They are precious because God creates them just once in our lifetime. 

GANI's mission is to continue God's creation by developing the best marble tiles, with natural marble elegance ,in the world. 

120   Rare marble restored

 72    Countries

1000 Projects Completed


62 types of marble tiles

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