Botticino Semiclassico
  • Botticino Semiclassico

    Endless Elegance

    Botticino Semiclassico was the most precious marble in the Republic of Venice in 17th century. While in Lombardia ruled under Austro-Hungarian Empire, Botticino Semiclassico marked the most prominent marble in Piazza San Marco. It was sourced from the mountainous area of Alps to the south of Lago di Garda---Brescia. Brescia is located in the region of Lombardy and is believed to be one of the birthplaces of violin. Cultural relics in Roman Empire, polis and castles in medieval times, world heritages such as Roman Forum and San Salvatore Church are all built with Botticino Semiclassico.



    Size(mm/in) Texture/Finishes


    600*900(24"x36") Polished 11
    900*900(36"x36") Polished 11.5
    900*1200(36"x48") Polished 12.5

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