Aegean Grey
  • Aegean Grey

    Precious Beauty

    Aegean Grey is from the Aegean Sea,the eastern part of the Greek peninsula, is a chic grey marble.The Aegean Sea is not only the cradle of Western European civilization, but also the symbol of romantic sentiment.The veins of Aegean Grey is changeable,grey mingled with white which conveys a sense of depth.And there are mottled dot scattered distribution.The exsiquite and warm grey color with soft texture in large area paving can extend the visual effect of space better,expressing the nature of space as well. It can be used in different types of high-end places, such as clubhouse, hotel, villa, commercial plaza, etc.



    Size(mm/in) Texture/Finishes




    600*900(24"x36") Polished 11
    600*1200(24"x48") Polished 12.5



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