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Diamond Blue

Diamond Blue

Pure Infinite

Diamond Blue can date back to 150million years ago. It consists of marble granite formed in the Cretaceous Age from Andes mountain range, the longest continental mountain range in the world. 28 million years ago, the volcanic outbreak and earthquake triggered by crustal movement lifted the elevation of Andes up by 1500 meters. In the ice age of 2 million years ago, Lago General Carrera, located in the border of Argentina and Chile, generated a spectacular natural landscape palace of Diamond blue marble-Marble Chapell after tremendous changes caused by glacier, moraine lake, glaciers melt, small particles crystallization, enabling us to appreciate the geological wonders thousands of years ago. Sky-blue caves and precious diamond blue marble are rare to be found. GANI, specializing in the research and development of blue crystal dry granules and crystal quartz, pioneered the creation of Diamond Blue around the world and pushed forward the aesthetics of global architectural design into new height by simulating early crustal movement and adopting computerized craftsmanship.







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