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Blanco Granite Sink

It goes without saying that we use only materials of the very highest quality in BLANCO granite sinks. We produce the acrylate, the base material, ourselves. Checked, time and time again. Tested, time and time again. Improved, time and time again.

We’re only satisfied when you are.

We want your sink to be as beautiful, clean and radiant after many years as it was on the day it was installed in your kitchen.


BLANCO granite sinks are of consistently high quality and made to DIN standards. Yet they also differ from one another.


All SILGRANIT PuraDur sinks and a select range of mixer taps from BLANCO are now making a splash with a shade that opens up a whole new array of possibilities in kitchen design: BLANCO is now adding a black with a captivating depth of colour to its diverse SILGRANIT spectrum of CombiColours. To create this black, the colour expert has developed a completely new process that guarantees a pure, deep black with a lastingly elegant vibe. With its new black surface, the entire SILGRANIT product range thus opens up new realm of creativity in kitchen design.